Contego Technologies is a joint-venture pipeline management technology company

Formed by Paterson & Cooke and Verus in 2016

Contego Technologies was formed by P&C and Verus to provide their shared industries of interest with comprehensive advanced pipeline management technology for monitoring, operation advisory, simulation, training, and leak detection.

Paterson & Cooke is a slurry systems specialist engineering firm that providing innovative engineering services, design, analyses and solutions in mineral processing, pipeline transport and backfill industries. P&C is a highly-respected consulting firm with an international footprint and a strong reputation for technical excellence and service delivery.

Verus, is a boutique engineering and technical services firm specializing in industrial automation, controls, SCADA systems, business process engineering and consulting for a wide array of industries. The Verus team has experience in developing and supporting slurry system leak detection systems globally.

Combined, Contego’s expertise and experience will add significant value to your pipelines and associated systems. The in-depth knowledge of slurry flow behavior together with experience in similar pipeline projects and leak detection systems, enables both cost effective engineering and completion to meet your company’s needs within schedule and budget.

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