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The Contego system detects leaks when they are small—as little as 3% of pipeline flow— using volume balance and pressure wave technologies

Pipeline networks are an economical, safe method to transport mineral process slurry mixtures, leach solution mixtures, and other process liquids

Our leak detection software quickly detects small leaks, allowing you to reduce risk and enhance peace of mind. It can also help you plan operational activities, helping you better plan, optimize and manage resources. Providing all the information you need to monitor and optimize your pipeline operations, right at your fingertips.

With volume balance, flow is monitored to ensure equilibrium. In other words, the amount of volume in equals the amount of volume out. This method is best for slow-developing leaks between two locations. It can detect leaks within 10 and 60 minutes.

Pressure wave is ideally suited for quick developing leaks within one kilometer. When pipeline pressure drops beyond a pre-determined level, an alarm sounds. Leaks can be detected using this method in under a minute.

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  • Volume Balance & Pressure Wave Leak Detection
  • Retrofit to Existing Pipelines
  • Data Interface to Existing Pipeline Control System
  • Web-Based Interface


  • Improved leak detection accuracy
  • Remote leak detection (RLD) unit
  • Pressure data time synchronization
  • Store and forward module